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How to properly cover a wooden surface with glitter

Glitter is a wonderful invention that can transform and decorate anything you want.

As a rule, glitter sticks easily to any objects and materials, even if they are not smeared with glue. Therefore, if you want to protect your apartment from scattered glitter, then tighten the work surface with a film in advance.

The piece of wood you want to add shine to can be any size. However, before starting work, it must be properly processed. Sanded and smooth wood will allow the glitter in bulk to spread evenly and adhere. Use fine sandpaper to smooth the surface. After that, outline the design area. Mark the parts you want to apply glitter to. It is most convenient to use transparent tape, special adhesive stencils or stickers for this purpose. If you are going to add shine to the entire surface, then you can skip this step.

Image by Grooveland Designs from Pixabay

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