Contemporary Bedroom Dressers and Nightstands

The more storage you have in your home the better. One of the best places to begin organizing is your bedroom. west elm has a large assortment of nightstands, dressers and wardrobes that help you make the most of your space. Start by setting up a pair of on either side of your bed. We have models with two drawers for storing your reading glasses, socks and a diary, or you can go with a unit that has just one draw and then a shelf for setting up all of your favorite books.

Once you have your nightstands, you’ll want to take a look at our . If your room is small, go with one of the tall dressers that takes advantage of the height of your room. When square footage isn’t a problem, a wider dresser is great, as you can also use the surface of the piece to display your jewelry boxes, table lamps or vanity mirrors. These dressers may have three to six drawers that are all the same size, or a few smaller drawers on top with large ones underneath.

While picking out furniture for your bedroom, you may also find that one of the is ideal. Chifforobes are great for anyone who has limited closet space, since they are made with either one or two sections that have rods for hanging shirts and pants that would easily wrinkle if placed in a drawer. Of course, you can always pick up a garment rack in addition to the chifforobe if you have a large collection of dresses or suits to hang. The garment rack can be kept in the bedroom, or the laundry room if need be.

Another great way to store extra clothing, or a spare set of bed linens, is to utilize one of our . While there are a few benches to choose from that are upholstered to offer comfortable seating while you slip your shoes on in the morning, the models that open up or have drawers underneath are what you’ll want if you need storage. These benches come in a variety of materials, like wood, leather or lamb’s wool and can conveniently be placed at the end of your bed. You’ll also be able to get a bench in a color that complements the rest of the decor in your room.

You’ll be pleased to discover that many of our also provide storage so that you can make use of the space under your bed that typically doesn’t get used when traditional frames hold your mattress. The storage platform bed frame is built with three drawers on each side, which is great for couples. The drawers are neatly hidden and won’t distract from the overall look of the room. You don’t have to use the drawers for clothing either, as they are also great for keeping secure such items as a photo album, important memorabilia or a small fireproof safe that has important documents inside it.

Finish adding storage to your bedroom with a series of . Floating shelves are perfect for displaying decorations, while mounted shelves are able to hold books and flower vases. A floating cabinet keeps some items hidden inside, while still allowing for other items to be exhibited on top. Use a deep picture ledge to show off your family photographs and a cubby shelf to hold monthly calendars, digital cameras or anything else that doesn’t seem to have a designated home. Should you need a large amount of storage, consider going with a bookshelf instead. WE give you a generous choice of open and tiered bookshelves that are quite elegant, as well as units with backs and attached cabinets.

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