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One of the most important pieces of furniture in a bedroom, a dresser or bureau of course offers functionality and purpose, but has the ability to lend tones of sophistication, a rustic vibe or an elegant look to the bedroom. Being content with the look of your bedroom decor and its furniture is important, as you find yourself reading a book in your bedroom on a lazy day, staying up late to watch the game or simply catching a catnap on a Sunday afternoon.

Think of the type of dresser that would be most useful to you and your habits and ways of doing things. A long dresser with short drawers on top followed by long, roomy drawers works well for jeans, pants and long shirts, with underclothes and socks in the top drawers. A long dresser also allows you to place decor or useful things on top. Another option is a tall, stately dresser, with drawers of all of the same size in every row. This is ideal to mix and match types of any clothes or items you need to store.

Color and scheme are also important when matching up your dresser with the rest of your bedroom set . It’s a good idea to try to match colors and types of woods for an overall uniform theme. For example, deep espresso wood matches well with other dark colors, while painted wood such as white and black, are interchangeable or may be uniform. It’s also perfectly okay to think out of the box and have a headboard and dresser of different materials, but etched in the same style, such as contemporary. Pottery Barn allows you to mix and match all of your bedroom furniture to decide what works well with your tastes.

When choosing furniture for the bedroom, don’t forget to opt for a matching nightstand or bedside table. Similarly as with your dresser, opt for woods, colors and styles that work well with the already existing decor. A nightstand may simply be a bedside table, or it can essentially be a small dresser with several drawers, offering you extra storage and allowing you to place needed items within easy reach from the bed. A myriad of different styles are available to accent any bedroom. Opt for metal chairs for an urbane, industrial look, or bare wood for rustic, shabby chic appeal. Colored accent stools and tables also work well for the bedroom that needs a little bit of brightness to cheer it up.

Those who do not want to mix and match, looking for each item separately, may be interested in looking at complete bedroom collections. Choose from different styles that offer a complete look. Popular collections include the Metropolitan, Laurel and Valencia Collections. A full collection offers you the ability to purchase all of your pieces at one time, such as the headboard and bed frame, dressers and nightstand. Some collections include two types of dressers, such as the tall and wide models, to offer a stately room with a lot of storage space. Collections offer many different styles, from contemporary to modern.

To complement your dresser and to maximize comfort in your bedroom, opt for other accents that warm up the room, such as a matching wardrobe, wall mirror or bench. A wardrobe is an excellent choice in place of a dresser, or as a complement to your existing furniture. A model with included floor-length mirror allows you to quickly check your look before heading out into the day.

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