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From penning the next great novel to skillfully balancing a checkbook or drafting a report, a writing desk provides the space needed to accomplish the work. Manufactured with durable materials like wood, steel, metal and glass it offers a sturdy surface for projects. Integrated shelving and drawers offer a convenient spot to store reference books, extra paper, pens and pencils. Available in a variety of styles, from modern to traditional to casual, there is an option to fit the design scheme of every workspace. Staples carries a large selection of desks to choose from, making it simple to find one that works for any situation.

There is a wide range of structural styles available when it comes to writing desks. Some include convenient storage options like drawers and shelves for easy organization. Drawers are ideal for storing items like pads of paper, pens, pencils and art supplies out of sight, but within easy reach. Shelves are suitable for housing books, binders and reference materials next to inspirational knick-knacks and photos. Small hutches along the top of the desk offer another source of storage, and also serve as a display shelf for items like clocks and lamps. Many desks offer a combination of shelves and drawers, making it simple to store everything needed to successfully complete any project.

Choose from a Wide Variety of Writing Desk Designs and Styles

From contemporary to traditional, simplistic to ornate, there is a desk style for every home or office space. Often manufactured from high quality, sturdy materials this style of desk is built to withstand daily use. Darkly stained wood desks offer a more traditional appearance, while metal and glass options offer a more contemporary look. Combinations of different materials create an interesting piece that catches the eye. Different materials incorporated into one desk, like wood and metal, or laminate and wood, create one-of-a-kind looks that give the office a touch of personalization. There are a variety of colors to choose from when selecting a desk, from black, chestnut and cappuccino to white, silver and gold. More bold color choices like red and blue make a statement in any space. Details like crisscrossed metal work and wood cutouts lend a decorative touch to this office furniture. Both beautiful and functional, this type of desk adds to the look and feel of a workspace, while also providing much-needed room to work.

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