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Before doing any shopping, determine exactly how you plan to use your new desk. A home office will need something both functional and comfortable that’s also equipped with storage capabilities. If you’re a casual computer user, a more decorative style or even a folding desk will work perfectly. If you’re a gamer who needs extra room for dual monitors and controllers, a gaming desk or even just an extra long desk should do the trick. Laptop users have a little more leeway — they can opt for a full-size model or a smaller laptop table or lap desk.

A contemporary standing desk is another popular choice that allows you to work at your computer without sitting down. Many people cite several health incentives for using one, and if you prefer standing over sitting, this might be a great option for you.

What kind of shape should my workstation be?

Consider both the size of your office as well as your needs. A bow-front executive desk or an L-shaped desk provides ample workspace, room for your computer monitor and plenty of storage. If you don’t have the luxury of space, consider a contemporary corner desk or a smaller, wall-mounted desk, both of which saves floor space without sacrificing function, storage or style.

Is there a way I can further maximize my contemporary office desk space?

If your current workspace storage options just aren’t quite cutting it, look for a desk with a hutch. With the additional vertical space that a hutch provides, you can spread out your items and create a more streamlined storage system. If you’re looking at a computer desk with a hutch, just make sure your monitor isn’t too big to fit before you buy!

Another way to create some storage is to add a shelf, either to the wall near your contemporary desk or on top of your workspace — you can store additional desk accessories there or it could be a way to give your monitor a vertical boost.

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