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10 craft tablesI get so many questions about the large craft table that I built for my studio nearly 3 years ago. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use that table. The craft table is huge coming in at around 40 square feet of spacious crafty goodness. I built it for just around $400, which seems pretty pricey for a piece of furniture. That didn’t included the I purchased with it. However, it is the by far the largest piece of furniture in my home. And I don’t realize how large of a crafting area that is until people walk in and say “Whoa that craft table is ginormous!”. So what if you have zero building abilities and have had my large craft table pinned for three years and haven’t made it yet? I know, I know, it happens. Well I decided to show you some options you can buy that might work for you. Keep in mind none of them are as large as mine are but many of them offer better organization. So that isn’t such a bad trade-off. Plus most people don’t have 360 square feet of craft studio space like I do so these options might be better suited.


The first thing that I love about this is that is has two drawers. I would love drawers in mine! The middle front one is helpful for small craft supplies.large-craft-table You can even buy a drawer organizer to fit so it gives you different contained areas for things like stick pins, thread, and beads. I also love how they utilized the space with the side shelves and that awesome slotted area for scrapbook paper. This one measures 53 1/4” wide by 30” tall and 23 1/2” deep. The is $249.99 for the white and black one, but they also carry it in natural maple color.


Now this table definitely is made more for the seamstress but it is on wheels. That is fabulous and definitely can help if you are short on space and need to move the when it is not in use. They definitely could have added more shelves on the inside but it is nice for things that are better stored up like markers, and paint. The current Amazon price is only 4 but shipping is another . It measures 40.1″ x 28.5 x 19 1/4″ but it is 62 1/4″ when completely open. That gives a nice spot for a large cutting mat.


What I immediately noticed about this one is that it has hidden storage. I am a big fan of hiding my craft supplies. Hence the reason for my massive storage wall I built. However, it still has the horizontal shelves for scrapbook paper. This definitely looks more like a craft desk so it might even be a good fit for a home office/craft room. The current


This craft table probably resembles mine the most since it is counter top height and has the little cubbies. The width for a barstool is a lot smaller but the cubbies are great for small baskets. You can always add a lazy susan craft supplies holder like I made on the top of the table to for supplies you use more often. If you purchase two of them the price would be about the same as the one I made. The



This one is definitely the biggest of the craft tables I am featuring, but it also has the biggest price tag of $599.95. It does have 9 cubbies on each side which is really nice for a ton of storage. Is also has 15 square feet of table top space which is pretty big. This is also countertop height, which is awesome to use for crafts but not so great for sewing. So if you sew alot, this probably isn’t the best option for you.


I really love this . It can be completely shut and look like a TV armoire or it can be pulled out halfway for a sewing area. It can even covert even further out and make a really nice work surface. It has ample storage but can be closed when not in use.


This one is definitely geared more toward the seamstress as well. It has a roll out thread storage as well as a roll out sewing machine storage but it looks very much like a desk. Plus the entire thing is on wheels which is always a plus in my book. It also contains 3 others drawers to store more supplies. The current price is .

craft desk craft-cubbies craft-table-armoire craft-table-with-storage

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