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Black Dresser Mirror

No two retail operations are quite alike. This goes for convenience marts, coffeehouses, and, yes, for furniture stores. If California’s South Bay region has come to recognize anything these past sixty years, it is that Nader’s La Popular is a cut above its every competitor within the furniture retail space. And this is exactly what founder Charles A. Nader intended when opening shop in 1956. What Charles realized early on is that any store can keep a respectable furniture inventory in-stock year-round, just as Nader’s La Popular does without fail. He also realized that competitive pricing is not enough to earn lifelong loyalty from one’s customers. Charles suspected that honorable and self-evident values would separate his store from the rest.

His suspicions proved correct, and nearly two decades into the 21st century, the Nader family values have allowed his stores to thrive under the leadership of subsequent generations. Honesty, respect for one’s customers, ease of transaction, fair payment terms, and lowest reasonable prices—without fail, the Nader’s La Popular South Bay showrooms live and breathe these values. As a result, Nader’s has proven to be successful from one century to the next. Yet most of all, it takes pride in being able to provide its communities with an old-fashioned, family-owned furniture store to call their own.

Our Dressers/Mirrors

An essential piece of bedroom furniture, the dresser/mirror combination is typically one’s first stop each morning, and for obvious reasons. The piece houses clothing, watches, jewelry, and various garment accouterments without which a person might feel incomplete. Nader’s La Popular recognizes this fact for what it is and accordingly keeps in stock a healthy variety of dressers/mirrors from which to choose. Listed below are a few examples.

Bedazzled Six-Drawer Dresser – Black

Intended to evoke a sense of class and prestige, the Bedazzled Six-Drawer Dresser is as chic in its aesthetic qualities as it is durable in its structural properties. The faux crocodile skin finish yields a striking appearance which is itself enriched by the presence of silver handles, themselves rhinestone-encrusted for good measure. Priced to comport with even the strictest of budgets, the brilliant Bedazzled Six-Drawer Dresser warrants close consideration. Finally, a compatible mirror is sold separately.

Brianna Dresser/Mirror

Next, the Brianna Dresser/Mirror is a classy and practical addition to any growing youth’s bedroom arrangement. Seven drawers and a spacious, two-shelf cabinet ensure this well-constructed, pearl wood unit will comfortably allow for as much storage as is needed. The reversible drawer fronts render the Brianna aesthetically dynamic and afford your child the luxury of configuring the dresser as they see fit each day. The accompanying 43.5”-wide mirror is sizable in its dimensions and affixes firmly to the dresser itself. All of this sits atop a set of hand-carved legs wooden legs which lend this Brianna considerable charm.

Daisy Dresser/Mirror

Another cleanly conceptualized furniture piece, the Daisy Dresser/Mirror has sharp lines and a contemporary cut. The 61”-long dresser has six wide and deep drawers, is composed of solid wood, and features a splendid brushed coffee finish. Silver rectangular handles provide the dresser with its cosmetic finishing touch, unless one takes the unit’s perfectly square feet into account. Furthermore, a rectangular mirror is included withe the piece, which measures over 3’ in height. Priced affordably in relation to its quality, the Daisy is certainly worthy evaluating for purchase potential.

Tami White Dresser

The Tami White Dresser is curiously dualistic in its appearance. It is at once an elegant piece which would seem very much aligned with the décor of a centuries old home and somehow contemporary in its lines, cut, and overall presentation. From a functional standpoint, the Tami features an eight-drawer arrangement, which allows for considerable storage of clothing, linens, jewelry, etc. Each drawer is enhanced by the presence of brushed silver hardware and benefit from superb dovetail construction. Tapered legs create a sense of refinement but should not be regarded as anything short of exceedingly sturdy. A compatible mirror piece is sold separately under the “Tami” heading.

Nader’s La Popular – Our Customer Commitment

Ultimately, customers and loyal patrons are central to the Nader’s La Popular business philosophy. For that reason, above all others, our family-owned business is committed to doing right by you and yours with every visit and transaction. Whether it’s providing several payment options, keeping our prices as competitive as the market allows, arranging for convenient delivery service, or simply treating each customer like an extension of our own family, Nader’s exists to benefit its surrounding community as best as are we able. Visit any of Nader’s La Popular’s three showrooms and witness our ongoing project.

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