Barnwood Furniture

Creating Timeless Pieces That Have a Journey All Their Own.

Growing up in southwest Missouri, we have always loved the old barns that dot the landscape. The way each barn has its own character and the fact that so many of them where built by hand over 100 years ago, make them even more special. We love the fact that the wood comes from a time where things were slower and made by hand to last. The texture from the old saw blades, or the weather tells a story on each board all its own. We think it's sad when people just see these barns as ugly trash and want to burn them. That’s why every chance we get, we try to save as much of the barn wood as possible to reuse.

Our journey started 19 years ago when we got married. Since then, it's been a roller-coaster ride with plenty ups and downs. After our 4th son was born we decided we needed a little extra income. We both have always loved making things for others and when friends told us of Etsy, a new journey began.

Jeff saw how much fun I was having selling my scrapbooking items on Etsy in 2009. He said, "I have some old barn wood in the shop from some tornados. Maybe I could put something online too?" The rest is history.

Today, I am no longer a teacher and Jeff no longer builds homes. Together, our entire family took a huge leap of faith and have a wonderful business that we seem to work at (or think about) 24hrs a day. Our days are busy but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Every day, Jeff goes to his workshop and starts creating new items that will be in homes all over the world. Although he can build with any type of wood, he loves the complexity of the old barn wood. He finds it challenging that no two pieces are the same and even though there are no strait edges, he can make everything match up perfectly and fit like a glove.

In 2015, we were able to hire Casey. Together, Casey and I are in charge of everything else that goes along with running a growing business. Because Jeff is building things constantly, we answer all the phone calls, emails, shipping, orders and customer service.

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