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A desktop computer is an ideal solution for an office or a home work area. The sizable storage and memory options available with computing systems give users the speed and file access they need for work and play. Browse models with various features to find the perfect addition to your office.

Consider All-in-One and Standard Models
There are advantages to all-in-one computers and conventional desktops. All-in-one models provide a sleek, streamlined appearance. The hard drive and computer components are typically located on the back of the monitor, minimizing the amount of bulk on a desk. Conventional options have a computer tower that may sit below a desk or in a specialized tower storage area, keeping the monitor separate from the computer hardware. All-in-one models are convenient and easy to set up for inexperienced users, while conventional desktop computers have more flexibility regarding peripheral accessory selection.

Storage and Memory Options Improve Access to Files and Programs
Computing technology changes rapidly, particularly in terms of storage and memory. The more storage a desktop computer has, the more files you can store on it without a slowdown in computer function. Greater amounts of memory improve computer speed, program speed and file access. Storage is typically measured in gigabytes, with most models meeting or exceeding 500GB and some options passing 1TB. Memory is often measured in megabytes and gigabytes, with some desktop models offering 16GB of built-in memory.

What do Gaming Computers Need?
Many users rely on computers for gaming. Computer games place a heavy toll on a computing system, so gamers must consider different specifications than business or casual home users. Gaming systems need a substantial amount of memory to access graphic and video files. High-end graphics and video cards are also essential.

Are Bundle Options Available?
Many brands offer bundled options. These packages generally come with a tower, computer monitor, keyboard, mouse and other accessories. With everything in one box, users can get set up and working the same day. These options are convenient for users who don't have specific preferences for peripheral accessories and simply want the easiest setup option.

Is a Tower-Only Model a Suitable Choice?
Some listings are just for computer towers. This is the core of the computer, with your storage, memory, drivers and cards. It is a viable choice for users who already have a monitor, keyboard and other peripherals. Those who have specific needs for their monitor and accessories benefit from a tower-only purchase.

What Other Features do Desktop Computers Offer?
Built-in computer features help users find the right model for specific needs. Touchscreen models offer multiple ways to access on-screen content. Some devices come with the professional version of Windows, which provides additional features to business professionals. Additional memory card slots permit users to begin with a smaller amount of memory and expand their computer's memory as their computing needs change.

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