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Eames Storage UnitsThe Herman Miller Eames Desk and the Herman Miller Eames Storage Unit are two of the Eames' most enduring pieces of industrial design. Both of them have been in continuous use for more than half a century, beautifying the workplaces of thousands of people, and helping to the frame their experience of work with a sense of play, fun, and unconventional design.

Charles and Ray Eames demonstrated their masterful use of negative space in this timeless collection of matching desks and storage units. These colorful pieces are just as functional and beautiful in the modern office as they were 50 years ago.

Available in a neutral and vibrant color scheme, these Herman Miller classics come with free shipping at the lowest prices available anywhere.

Now- you can read our independently conduced review of the Eames Desk and Storage Units.

The Eames Desk is one of the finest pieces of furniture Charles and Ray Eames ever made. In the furniture industry, there may be no finer praise that that last sentence. This desk is part of a line of office furniture that ranks among the most famous, the most popular, and the most legendary in the last century. The work produced in the Office of Charles and Ray Eames is a major cache of design history. And all of the pieces are still as beautiful, functional, and human-centered today as they were when they first came off the production line.

Owning the Eames Desk is not only a way to make your office environment more personal, more beautiful, and more functional. It's also a way to own a piece of history and work at it every day. Recognized worldwide as two of the most accomplished artists and designers in the the 20th Century, this piece from Charles and Ray Eames is a gorgeous piece of legendary design.

The Eames Desk was one of the very first office desks that was gorgeous, original, and unique - but also able to be produced on a mass scale with non-wood materials. The Eames designed their furniture for the average office worker as well as the executive, and there is no better example than this desk.

More than suited for a modern office, this desk was built specifically to be in one. Charles and Ray Eames put this desk together in an attempt to make a statement about the future of office decor, the future of furniture production, and the future of office aesthetics. The desk was at once a classic, and the fact that it has retained its popularity up to this very day is a testament to the incredible foresight and masterly aesthetic judgement of Charles and Ray Eames. The desk is first and foremost functional. And that functionality was not limited to the time in which the desk was introduced.

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