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Bedroom Furniture Accessories

You're in the right place to find ideas for a comfortable bedroom space that's all your own. Need some help? Chat online or call 888-467-6278 every day to speak with our award-winning staff.

Transform your bedroom into a calm, comfortable, and inviting space with our selection of bedroom furniture and accessories. From beds and dressers to nightstands, pillows, and mirrors, this is where you'll find what your master suite has been missing.

The best way to decide what you're looking for is to learn what style makes your heart go pitter-pat. FurnitureGenius can be very helpful as you figure out your style. Through it, will be completely personalized for you after you complete a short quiz. When you see the look you love, you'll know. If you're already there, congratulations! You're finished with the first part of your bedroom shopping adventure.

For design inspiration, visit our bedroom gallery. You'll discover new designs, learn about different styles, and come away with a better sense of what you want your own bedroom to look like. Each gallery is complete with products that will help you achieve the look represented.

Once you know what style you love, decide which piece will help get you there fastest. The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom - but if you already have a great bed, look at storage furniture and accessories to freshen up the familiar and add new flavor.

To make your bedroom truly your own, you need a variety of options. Explore our range of beds - modern, traditional, frame beds, or storage beds. You'll find platform beds as well as carved sleigh beds. Choose from beautiful finishes to find the perfect look. Choose a super-dark finish for a cool contemporary vibe. Choose a middle-range or light wood finish for a more traditional, classic feel. Go with black, white, or walnut finish for a modern bedroom.

For bedroom storage, you'll find dressers by the dozen. What size you get depends on the size of your wardrobe, and is only constrained by the size of your bedroom. If you're cramped for space, consider a tall chest rather than a low dresser with double-wide drawers. If your bedroom is large, you'll probably find that a tall chest looks out of place and doesn't fill enough floor space. In that case, long and low is the way to go. Remember, you're buying an heirloom. Choose your bedroom storage with longevity in mind.

Nightstands are next. You'll find nightstands in every style, and their use is completely up to you. Get a nightstand (or a pair of them) to store bedside essentials or extra clothing. You may also opt for a clean look and get a bedside table with a single small drawer - or no drawer at all. Think about your needs and buy accordingly.

You can pair nightstands with similar beds or go for an eclectic look - whatever fulfills your design vision. Or, choose from one of the full bedroom sets we offer for a perfectly matched presentation. Accessorize with decor and accessories like mirrors, duvet covers, or standing screens to represent your own unique personality in your bedroom.

Once everything is in place stop, take a deep breath, look around you, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Good bedroom design makes your entire home more livable, brings rest to an otherwise hectic world, and centers you as you start and finish each day. And the right furniture makes all the difference.

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