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Wooden rollers: aesthetics and practicality

When arranging a home, it is important that all interior elements not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also be functional. A special role is given to window decoration. For this, different methods can be used, their choice depends on the requirements of the owner. An excellent option is Cortinas Roller. They have been available on the modern market in a large assortment for a long time.

Wooden is an environmentally friendly material that provides not only an attractive appearance, but also safety. Especially suitable for people with hypersensitivity and allergies to synthetics.

The materials for the manufacture of wooden rollers are special types of wood - very durable and at the same time quite light, as a rule, for example, beech, maple, pressed bamboo. In production, they undergo special antistatic treatment and drying - this prevents discoloration and deformation.

Wooden and bamboo lamellas are carefully processed, polished and coated with a special varnish with anti-static and UV absorbing properties.

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