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Set up your office for daily success with comfortable furnishings by west elm. Whether you work at home or at a business, our ergonomic chairs, desks and work let you achieve productivity in a way that’s more comfortable, livable and stylish each and every day. Materials like warm, rich mahogany wood and crystal-clear glass take your working environment to the next level, giving it an elegant and classy upgrade that encourages professionalism and good work ethic. Make your home or business office the very best it can be with our office furniture today.

The right desk creates a focal point for efficient work in your office, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice appearance for functionality. Simple geometric desks work well in any space, and come in a variety of contemporary shades, including white, champagne and natural wood. These bare-bones workstations fit just as well into bedrooms and apartments as they do in businesses. Need more space? We can help. Try a combination desk, and storage box unit instead. This innovative style fits into the corner of a room and maximizes the amount of space you have for storage vertically, all while preserving legroom and allowing you to work ergonomically throughout the day. If you’re especially pressed for space – dorm rooms and small home offices come to mind – our ladder desks strip down the concept of a workstation to the absolute bare bones, providing just a simple surface to work on while taking up as little floor space as possible. Select one with side shelving or without depending on how much room you have to work with. Once it arrives, your new desk remains stable and in place by leaning against any open section of wall.

Need a desk that’s multifunctional enough to serve as a workstation, hallway table or vanity, too? Our console tables, campaign desks and glass-top workstations serve just as well in a living room or annex as they do in an office. Mini-desks take this a step further, allowing you to place knickknacks and important items close by without needing a full-size working surface. Mid-Century wall desks are utilitarian in design, but provide a space for everything and everything in its space right by a front door or office, so you can secure your mail, keys and essentials when you leave or arrive.

Once you’ve chosen a desk or table, it’s time to focus on comfort. A well-fitted chair can be the difference between being able to stay on track and on target and needing to switch positions frequently for comfort. Look for chairs with a gently curved lumbar support area to help keep you in the correct posture all day long. Upholstered dining chairs work double-time in apartments and small home offices, serving as both a computer chair and an extra seat when guests arrive for dinner unexpectedly. Need to move between multiple stations quickly and easily? Select a with wheels and drop a plastic floor pad under your workstation to roll quickly back and forth between multiple office areas. If style is your main concern, select from contemporary high-fashion designs with beautiful curves in soft, gleaming leather. Match a sloped leather chair with a natural wooden desk to bring country charm into your office, or create energy and excitement with a bright red desk and crisp white chair.

Finalize the look of your office or computer station with helpful like bookcases, wall shelves and storage systems. Textbooks, professional manuals, DVDs and magazines stay neatly tucked away when placed in a with multiple storage zones. Available in options like extra-wide, medium, short and tall, our broad range of options allows you to choose the option that best fits your style and the size of the room you’re working with. Need even more places to tuck away work tools and essentials? Store everything from decorations to trophies and even your work awards on a wall-mounted shelving system instead. Keep essentials like pens, paper and tape at arm’s reach with ledge shelving, or set a small plant on one of our shape shelves to bring a breath of fresh air in from the great outdoors.

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