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Popular video service membership at a lower price

Many services that provide media content for entertainment have special membership offers. Such an option opens to its user greater opportunities and facilitates comfortable use with additional functionality of the accounts. In the case of video hosting like YouTube, payment for additional features can allow users to enjoy various functions that completely change the way the site or app can be used. Youtube premium family is an attractive and very flexible solution that is aimed to satisfy users by absence of advertisement, opportunity to download the video, and background play mode.

A way to get a subscription by paying less

Many people like watching videos, especially via such a popular video service. Membership for individuals, however, can be a little bit pricey. But all this will change if try to use accounts created for families. It is possible to purchase membership even with a group of friends. There is no ground to worry about privacy as each person invited to the membership will have a personal playlist that is completely hidden from other people. Of course, there are some disadvantages of this method. Here they are:

  • to change the members of the subscription is possible only once a year;
  • the location of each individual should be the same as the company can check it.

Certainly some people can find it inconvenient, but for students this would be a really good option as for five persons to pay a required amount of money per month is much easier than for one. Use it or not is an independent decision. Sometimes ads take a lot of time, some can't enjoy the app only because it only works with an activated screen. Depending on the preferences there is always a good solution. Above mentioned variant can decrease expenses on media content services up to 80%.

Image by tomasi from Pixabay

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