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Creating a functional office space can be tough when you work from home, especially if can’t find the room for it. Have no fear! We have scoured the web for the coolest, cutest, and most functional small home office ideas and found an inspiring solution for just about every space.

The Blackhawk Secretary is a giant trunk that has space for everything you need. When you’ve finished for the day, simply close your office and roll it away.

With a surface that folds away as well as a hidden cupboard, the Flatmate Desk Top takes up as little space as a home office possibly can.

You can repurpose an armoire with a few adjustments, or purchase one that’s ready to use, like the Seymour Home Office Armoire.

When looking for an unused area to claim for your workspace, there are a lot of possibilities, including the space above radiators, under stairwells, around windows, or in the corner.

The Cabinet Chair was designed for hotel lobbies, but it would also work as a compact office in a small space.

The K Workstation is both functional and easy on the eyes.

The Workbed Desk from BLESS is both a bed and a desk so you only need room for one piece of furniture.

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