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setu chairBig ideas can come from small spaces. Small offices provide creative workers with the opportunity to exchange thoughts, brainstorm freely, and hothouse innovations that will set the company apart. Yet even the most inspired workers need furniture for small office spaces that will support them throughout the process of bringing their ideas to life.

Small office space planning requires office designers to overcome unique challenges inherent to spaces with fewer square feet in the real estate budget. Multipurpose furnishings support several activities without adding to the required space in which to place them. As one of the most important pieces of furniture in any workplace, office chairs must meet the requirement to provide comfort and support while not consuming more room than necessary.

Office Furniture for Small Spaces – The Art of Multipurpose Design

With a luxury of space at a designer’s disposal, furnishings can be chosen with a singular purpose in mind. Specialized desks and chairs chosen for a unique function will not place an undue burden on the office’s capacity. In absence of a generous area to furnish, designers must embrace the ingenuity of multipurpose furniture to supply workers with the tools they need.

Chairs especially must suit several tasks, from comfortable discussions with coworkers to more focused times of work. They must have ample support for employee health, but without the bulk often present in larger, executive seating. Today’s office furniture for small spaces offers an unprecedented variety of multipurpose chairs suitable for closer confines.

Options for Small Office Space Planning

As you consider your options for small office furniture, look to respected brands such as Herman Miller for quality furnishings that will both repay your investment and content your employees. Options exist for workspaces of all sizes, from cozy yet professional niches to areas with more room to move. High-end stackable seating is also a viable choice for those who may need extra chairs for specific occasions.

Make your selections with an eye towards possible future requirements as well as current needs. Premium office chairs such as Herman Miller’s Aeron occupy a reasonable footprint, and will last for many years after purchase. Smaller chairs such as the Herman Miller Setu require even less space in your office without sacrificing quality or longevity.

For portable seating that can stack neatly out of the way, the Caper chair from Herman Miller represents an excellent option. Comfortable and convenient, this chair weighs little enough for true flexibility in seating configuration in any situation.

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