Plastic Sofa Feet And

Plastic Sofa legs Replacement

Find the right size of the replacement rubber feet you need by accurately measuring the chair's legs. After you have the measurement, refer to a rubber feet size chart. Choose a rubber foot that has an interior diameter as close to your measurement as possible. If you cannot find an exact fit, consider purchasing a slightly larger foot and fixing it into place with glue. Do not choose a foot that is too small, as it can rip apart during installation.

Replacement rubber feet are available with and without steel washers in the base. While feet with steel washers are slightly more expensive, they can greatly extend the service life a rubber chair foot. Steel washers also improve the foot's durability in heavyweight applications.

Consider replacing a broken rubber foot with a soft plastic foot. Soft plastic feet protect floor surfaces and prevent slipping comparably to rubber chair feet, but they are more durable and affordable. Plastic chair feet also do not leave black streaks on light-colored floors, unlike many rubber feet.

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