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Delta's 9-spray handheld showerhead. ()You know how they say you shouldn’t skimp on getting a nice bed because you spend a third of your life sleeping? I think a similar rule should apply to towels—at least if you’re like me and shower every day. That’s not to say you need the most top-of-the-line towel in the world, but having a really nice one makes all the difference.

This 1888 Mills luxurious cotton towel is a recommendation we got from a while back, and it truly is worth the $20 price tag. Not only is it super soft and absorbent (and durable!), it was made as part of the Cotton Made in Africa project, meaning that the cotton is sustainably sourced from African farmers who are paid market rates for their crops unlike many of their peers.

  • With a 2.5 GPM flow rate, it’s strong enough to make you feel clean without feeling like your skin is being melted off.
  • As the name suggests, there are 9 different spray settings to choose from. Variety is the spice of life!
  • It has a “pause” button that basically reduces the shower flow to a drip, for those times when you don’t need the water running full-stop and could conserve it instead — for example, while you’re shampooing or giving your kid (or pet) a bath.
  • The metal hose extends from 60″ to 82″ and never seems to get kinked up.

1888 Mills'Few things are more annoying than reaching the end of a toothpaste tube and having to fight with the thing to make it extrude every last bit of toothpaste. EasyComforts’ large tube squeezer helps in these cases. You run the end of a tube through both slots, one of which acts as a roller (with its own “key head” handle) and the other as a squeezer. It also works with some lotions and ointments, or pretty much any similar tube up to 2¾” wide.

Typical cloth bath mats aren’t great. They wear out and get all grungy over time, and it seems like no matter how hard you try to keep from dripping all over them, they still end up smelling mildewy and gross, adding more laundry to your life and thus more headache. Bee House’s hinoki wood bath mat solves this problem nicely.

Hinoki is a kind of Japanese cypress wood prized for its resistance to humidity and natural antibacterial properties. It also smells incredible. Step onto this bath mat like you would any other, and not only will it dry quickly after, it will make your bathroom look and smell awesome.

Now, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t dry off much before getting out of the shower, leaving a sopping trail everywhere, a) we don’t understand you people, and b) this might not be the bath mat for you. The hinoki wood itself will still dry quickly, and a little water underneath will evaporate through the wood’s slats, but you don’t want a big puddle collecting under there.

EasyComforts' large-tube toothpaste squeezer.Umbra’s “Slinger” toilet paper stand + reserve is a frame trestle-inspired stand with a removable and washable fabric sling for storing extra rolls of toilet paper and/or magazines. Nothing you couldn’t accomplish with a basic freestanding TP stand, but this one looks cooler doing it. Great if you prefer your home bathroom to sport more modernist decor.

Ever have a brilliant idea strike while you’re showering, only to lose it as soon as you’ve dried off minutes later? Check out AquaNotes, the waterproof, wall-mounted notepad that lets you capture those moments of inspiration before they slip away. (We’re trying hard not to make a “down the drain” joke here but it’s nearly impossible.)

The 40-page notepad and accompanying water-resistant cedar pencil attach to the shower wall via suction cups for easy access. Each page is perforated, so your ideas don’t have to stay in the shower once you’ve captured them. They’re also non-toxic and recyclable.

Even if inspiration never strikes, AquaNotes are a nice way to leave doodles and notes for your significant other. Or, they can be the ones to capture universe-denting ideas!

What this bathtub overflow drain cover does is simple: It seals the overflow drain in your bathtub via 12 small suction cups around the edge, allowing the water to fill up a few more inches. For those of us who like totally submerging ourselves when taking a bath, this cover makes that easier.

If you’re concerned about overfilling the bath, it’s not a 100% solid seal; a hole in the top of the cover helps keep the water quantity under control. Just don’t go run a marathon or something while the bath’s filling and you’ll be fine.

Bee House's hinoki wood bath mat. ($68) Umbra's AquaNotes waterproof notepad. ($9) Bottomless Bath bathtub overflow drain cover. ($9)

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