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English Secretary Desk

  • 1A person employed by an individual or in an office to assist with correspondence, make appointments, and carry out administrative tasks:

    ‘she was secretary to David Wilby MP’

  • ‘Since it was written in shorthand, he had to ask his secretary to interpret it.’
  • ‘I entered the office, dumping the counseling folder on the secretary's desk.’
  • ‘He pushed the door open and walked up to the secretary's desk.’
  • ‘If necessary, counsel may contact my secretary to arrange an appointment to speak to the issue of costs on this motion.’
  • ‘He is even considerate enough to take time from his day to answer fan mail personally rather than getting a secretary to do it for him.’
  • ‘She waited for the secretary to pick up and transfer her to Sarah's office, where she was on her break.’
  • ‘A former England player who roomed with him now has to call Hoddle's secretary to get an appointment to speak to him.’
  • ‘She started in a law firm as the boss's secretary typing his letters and papers.’
  • ‘There is a story doing the rounds about a city lawyer who asked an office secretary to pay £4 towards his dry cleaning bill.’
  • ‘Englehardt explained that in fact plenty of people had seen it, and he sent his secretary to fetch some.’
  • ‘After leaving the firm, I found out that people from my secretary to my CEO knew I was gay.’
  • ‘She was then working as a secretary to Tambimuttu in that chaotic Poetry London office in Manchester Square.’
  • ‘It didn't matter that Kyle had a newborn baby, or that Ryan drank too much, or that Tom was carrying on a secret affair with a secretary in the office.’
  • ‘She is reportedly the lowest paid secretary in the department.’
  • ‘There is no office secretary to answer calls or take messages, no student assistants to run errands.’
  • ‘With that, he turned and walked out of his office, calling for his secretary to get her anything she needed, a drink or anything.’
  • ‘One guy a few years back asked me whether he should call back and make an appointment with my secretary to talk to me.’
  • ‘Additional staff is needed to run rural branch surgeries, which restricts partners' ability to employ secretaries and administrators.’
  • ‘Already a bunch of freshmen had lined up at the secretary's desk.’
  • ‘Despite being in his office, the editor, Martin Newland, requested his secretary to say he was ‘unavailable for comment’.’
  • assistant, personal assistant, pa, administrator, clerk, clerical assistant, amanuensis, girl friday, man friday

    typist, shorthand typist, copyist, keyboarder, stenographer

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