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That first step through the school gates is a giant leap for your little one. Help
support this new beginning with a dedicated creative space all of their own, one
they can be proud of. We’ve dedicated an entire corner of the family living room
to creating this dream homework zone. It has everything a child could ask for
when starting school: a desk that is child sized, but looks just like mom and dad’s;
a chair that grows as they do; hanging storage for showing off their achievements
and plenty of space for fun and creativity.

Make it a world of her own. A child’s first desk is their place to create, play and learn.

By attaching a roll of paper to the wall using this rail from the kitchen department, kids’ creativity can roll free. The desk is clear of clutter, space is left for homework and imaginative little minds can get on with the important business of playing.

These storage solutions allow for plenty of personalization and self expression. FÖRHÖJA wall cabinets, also from the kitchen department, offer great functionality; books can be stored on, in and between the cabinets and this TJENA cardboard box, screwed directly to the wall, has built-in compartments for displaying little trinkets.

We’ve taken a cutlery tray and placed it inside the desk drawer to give all those creative tools, like pens and paint, a home. It can stay hidden from view, or it can be taken out and used as a desktop organizer.

A roll of paper hung on a kitchen rail from IKEA. A close-up of a desk drawer with a cutlery tray from IKEA inside.

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