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Desk with File storage

File sorters and racks make it simple to organize files, reports and other information. There are options available in different sizes, styles, colors and materials that ensure a good fit on most desks.

Choosing the Right Style of File Sorters

Sorters for files come in tray, incline, level and binder styles. Tray holders have stacked, horizontal slots for loose pages and files. Incline sorters feature multiple compartments in a stepped configuration that makes it easy to see and choose the correct folder.

Level trays have three to eleven compartments and hold files in a straight, condensed line. Binder file sorters feature dividers labeled in alphabetical and numerical order that keep employee documentation, accounts, spreadsheets, reports and other information organized and easily accessible.

Holders with a binder design protect the contents inside sleeves and store easily on a desk or shelf.

Durable Materials for Long-Term Use

Holders for files are available in several materials that provide durability and protection. Steel and metal holders keep heavier folders and files upright and protected against bending.

Acrylic and heavy-duty plastic holders protect against curled pages and damage due to spills and drips. Binders made of poly and pressboard with Mylar coating prevent rips, tears and scuffs and ensure that the papers inside remain flat.

Thick cardboard sorters are lightweight and stand up to frequent use on desktops and shelves. Look for heavy-gauge steel options that are chip and scratch resistant for added durability and protection in demanding work areas.

Different Styles Suit a Variety of Decor

File holders come in many different colors and styles. Solid black holders work well with most color schemes and decor.

Mesh options fit nicely with modern and contemporary offices, and styles with cutouts add just a hint of style. Plastic and acrylic sorters come in several different styles with lighter colors, clear and black choices.

Staples offers powder-coated aluminum holders in bright colors for those who want to add a stylish flair to their work spaces.
Faux leather holders pair with professional settings and add a polished touch to any reception area. Sorters with scrolls, cutouts, wave patterns and other designs let users personalize desks and work areas.

Versatile Configurations Meet a Variety of Needs

Holders for files are available in versatile configurations that save space and organize multiple items. File holders with compartments in different sizes keep files, loose pages and CDs orderly.

There are combination sorters that combine incline, tray and straight setups to maximize desk space. Consider a sorter with level compartments combined with horizontal trays to keep files and papers organized in one location.

Wraparound holders feature incline and level vertical compartments that let users store multiple files in a condensed space. There are holders designed specifically for media files, including options that work inside locking file drawers for added security.

Large index sorters include up to 31 compartments and provide quick sorting and access for bills, mail, addresses and other information. Racks with adjustable configurations expand for added storage and collapse when slots are no longer needed.

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