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Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Bench

Eating is one of the most communal experiences we share with each other. While are great for use in fine dining and other dinner opportunities, an added feeling of togetherness is brought into the meal with the experience of sharing a bench while eating. Place large on the table, and serve up your favorite dishes with all of your friends and family sharing the same space. Not only are benches a great way to make dining more intimate, but they are also a natural way to corral the kids for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

west elm offers a number of casual, elegant and contemporary dining benches that fit any kitchen or dining room table. For breakfast, a casual wood bench works in the kitchen for enjoying a pot of coffee, eggs and oatmeal. When having guests over for a dinner party, make sure to have a bench with a back for optimal comfort. Benches made with industrial steel and wood double for use outdoors on the patio or by the pool. You can even transport a dining bench into another room for special occasions, such as opening on Christmas.

For the ultimate in relaxation while dining, you place a five-piece banquette around your, effectively turning it into a cozy and convenient booth like at a restaurant. Our banquettes are covered with thick and durable woven material that doesn’t wear out, but is still soft to sit in. The legs have a walnut finish, while the entire body features a wood construction. You can take apart individual pieces of this set to accommodate different sized parties, and you can also create a custom banquette to fit whatever dimensions you need.

If you want to go for a more rustic aesthetic to enjoy a continental breakfast or an Italian dinner, a bench made of reclaimed pine gives you a little bit of old-school charm. Because it is made of recycled materials, these benches are eco-friendly, lending to your sustainable food and product choices. Other choices for solid wood include the Boerum mango bench, which is made in India in a Free Trade Certified™ facility, meaning that your purchase helps the life and career of an artisan.

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