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How To Move Couches

Whether you're moving a couch, sleeper sofa, chaise lounge, or a sectional, there are some basic tips for moving upholstered furniture you should know before you begin.

First, remove all the cushions and pillows from your furniture. Place them in large bags so they don't get dirty during the move. These cushions can be used to fill in space in the moving van and protect large items from shifting during transport.

Next, remove the legs from your sofa, if possible.

Then, measure the dimensions of your couch, including height at its highest point, width, and depth. Remember to measure from the bottom of the legs (if they're still attached) to the top of the couch. Plan your moving route through your house and measure doorways to ensure the couch will fit, even if you have to tip it diagonally to squeeze it through the door. You may have to remove some doors from their frames to free up an extra inch of clearance. Place the door and its hardware in a safe place, out of the way of the moving path.

Slide the sofa as far as you can, using gliders or cardboard on the bottom, and only lift it when you absolutely have to. Remember to lift with your legs, not your back.

After the couch is out of your house, wrap it in shrink wrap or cover it with fabric, such as sheets, to protect the upholstery. Load it onto the moving van, being careful not to bring the upholstery into contact with any sharp corners.

How to Move a Sleeper Sofa

Removing the bed from a sleeper sofa makes it much easier to move. To do so, first detach the dust cover from the bottom of the sofa. Open the bed fully and remove the mattress and bedding. Pack the mattress in shrink wrap or a mattress bag for protection.

Once this is done, remove the bolts that attach the bed frame to the sofa. Make sure to pack the hardware in a bag, clearly labeled, where it won't get lost. After the bolts are removed, you should be able to pull the bed frame out.

Fold up the frame and secure it shut with zip ties for the move. Then you can move the sleeper sofa as you would any other couch.

If you can't remove the bed, remove the mattress and secure the bedframe with zip ties before moving the sofa so it doesn't open while you're moving it.

How to Move a Sectional Sofa

Disassembling a sectional sofa makes it much easier to move. After removing the cushions and packing them in plastic bags, separate each piece. Take out any parts, such as remote control holders or cup holders, which might fall out during the move. Secure recliners with rope or cord so they don't pop open while you're moving the sofa. After you've taken these steps, move your sectional the same way you would move any couch.

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