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West Elm Bedroom Set

A bedroom is your personal sanctuary, a place that you decorate just for yourself. It is the place where you relax and recharge, a private space that usually reflects your personality. Unlike the living room, not everyone can roam around in your bedroom so you have the privilege of making it reflect your own design choices. At west elm we provide expert answers to your questions about all bedroom furniture, right from bed frames and nightstands to dressers and ottomans and more. For decorating your bedroom just so, enjoy selecting from our seemingly endless list of options to suit each taste, preference and space needs.

The most important furniture that anchors the overall feel and look of the room is your bed. What is more your style, a luxurious upholstered bed or a modern reclaimed wood bed? With our broad range of, you are bound to find one that is in line with the theme of your bedroom. Facing some storage problem in the bedroom? Choose one of our several beds that come equipped with drawers within the bed frame and say goodbye to your storage worries. A bit of advice, pile as many as you want to make your bed look more inviting and comfortable. Do not hesitate to play with colors.

A nightstand has an aesthetic quality attached to it, and it also serves useful if not necessary purposes next to your bed. Whether you are looking for a place to put down your book while going off to sleep, or to keep the antique lamp that caught your eye in the store, a nightstand is the perfect furniture for this. We offer you a variety of, pick one that meets your fancy. Wall-affixed nightstands are perfect for small bedrooms as a smart way to save more space. Choose from nightstands with oval, square, rectangular or circular tops as well, with several drawers or none at all.

When you are looking for a comfortable place to sit that’s not your bed, your best option is to go for chaise lounges or benches. Our selection of are perfect for checking your email, having a conversation with your loved one and putting on your shoes. Even when you are planning to work in your bedroom, you can keep the tech and the work away from the bed by using our benches. Picking brown or gray benches ensures they blend in with the rest of the furniture. On the other hand, choosing colored benches will add a pop of interest to the entire bedroom.

The dresser is another essential piece of furniture that must be present in your bedroom. Whether you use it to keep your makeup or your countless watches and ties, a dresser can come in handy in your bedroom. Enjoy a wide range of in different colors as well as different furniture finishes. Depending upon your storage needs, choose dressers with three or more drawers and they will serve as the perfect storage space for you.

Select one of our and enjoy a comfortable footing when you get up each morning, which is a wonderful welcome to a new day instead of hitting the cold floor. Apart from highlighting your style, these rugs can also help you tie the rest of the furniture together. Show off your creativity by choosing our artful rugs and making a bold statement. Our special order rugs can fit perfectly even in the trickiest of places. On the other hand, when you are looking for something eclectic, our kilim rugs may be just the right touch you need to complete your personalized bedroom decor.

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