Custom Reclaimed Barn Wood

Reclaimed wood furniture Massachusetts

At Saltwoods, the salvage, milling, drying, design, and fabrication is all done one tree, one log, and one table at a time. We keep the entire process in-house to ensure quality at every step. When you buy from Saltwoods you’re buying furniture that’s solid, sustainably sourced, and has a story to tell.

The Saltwoods workshop is led by Lucas, Roland and Dan. We’ve been building tables for over 20 years combined and specialize in custom woodwork with hardwoods and reclaimed lumbers. 3 Employees make up the Saltwoods team, all working on-site here in our shop.

We buy wood grown, lumbered, or salvaged only in America. We work with lumber yards and demolition crews along the east coast to find the best hardwoods for tables; fallen trees, abandoned barns, and even the skeletons of old industrial buildings. Every one of our tables is a one-of-a-kind creation in cut and design. Many large scale furniture manufacturers cut away “nature’s imperfections” in the wood they use, while we at Saltwoods consider these markings to be the “salt” of life, unique features that lend character and beauty to our products.

Allow us to create the perfect custom made table for your home or business.Every Saltwoods table is hand-crafted at our workshop in Winchester, so we can customize almost every detail of your table. We’ll work closely with you to choose the right wood, size, leg style, and stain or finish. All tables are handcrafted one at a time so customizing is possible down to almost every detail.

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