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Wooden Coffee table legs

It’s easy to get caught up in the process of picking out large items for your, including sofas, entertainment centers and rugs. As you assemble your perfect collection of furniture, don’t forget to add some accent tables to the mix. west elm’s modern accent tables provide the perfect finishing touches to your lounge-area furniture arrangement, giving you a surface upon which you can place drinks, snacks and decorations to make the room feel comfortable and truly yours. Our accent tables, including coffee, side and console tables, coordinate or match with other modern and midcentury-inspired pieces from our furniture collection, giving you the opportunity to assemble a polished and well put together space to welcome guests and relax with family.

From steel-framed industrial options to glamorous hammered metallics and warm, classic wood, our styles provide a wide range of possibilities. Shop according to your tastes while also considering factors such as ideal size and shape; for a larger room with a sofa facing a television or window, a large rectangular coffee table may be just right. For smaller rooms or those with cozy social seating arrangements that have chairs and sofas facing each other to facilitate conversation, a round coffee table may be the best fit. No matter what shape and size is right for you, the sheer volume of options available in this category makes it possible to refine your candidate list to an ideal final selection.

While coffee tables work well in the center of a seating arrangement, are perfect for placing in a position adjacent to your sofas and chairs. Whether they’re between two armchairs or next to a sofa, side tables provide a flash of good design and a good dose of utility. These small tables provide the perfect place for a lamp and some decor while also providing storage for magazines, tech controllers and other useful items. You can use your accent table selection to add a touch of contrast to your overall furniture design scheme or select something that matches with other pieces in the room.

Our add a final element of refinement to your lounge area, and they have utility in other parts of the house as well, from an empty hallway to a glamorous dining room or an entryway in need of organization. Console tables can slot in behind sofas or go up against a wall, allowing you to display treasured keepsakes, store various odds and ends or create a design focal point to enhance the presence of a stunning piece of art on the wall above the table.

The you choose for your living room should be a reflection of your design priorities, but ideally, it should also be comfortable and functional to maximize the time you spend in the room and the enjoyment you experience while you’re there. Our modern accent tables may not be as cushy as our sofas, but they can have a big impact on the way you experience your relaxation time. Whether you’re trying to create a cozy reading nook or you want to add sophistication to your living room, our coffee, side and console tables are here to help.

Finish your accent table arrangement up with some and other pieces to avoid the unfinished look of an empty table. From candles and lamps to vases and small objects d’art, select your favorite items from our selection and create small vignettes on your accent tables as a way of introducing some visual interest to your room. If you prefer a utilitarian or minimalist design scheme, we have plenty of decorative objects that can fit that bill by balancing form and function, including bookends, flower vases, candle lanterns and stylish lamps.

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