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Baskets for towels in Bathroom

Are you lacking in storage space in your bathroom? If so, fill a unique basket with rolled up bath towels to save on room in the cupboard and add a little bit of personality to the space!

Regardless of the size of our homes, there never seems to be enough storage space. Would you agree? Putting necessary items out in the open is one way to maximize a lack of space inside of cupboards or closets. There is nothing prettier in a bathroom than seeing a unique basket filled with neatly rolled up towels. It looks so clean and fresh. (Of course, if your towels have seen better days, you may want to start by first replacing them before spending money on the basket!)

This is one of those easy decorating ideas that doesn't have to cost a lot of money and can be adapted to fit into any style simply by the type of basket that you choose. A basket can have a lot of personality and character and all that is important is that you find one that suits you! Unique ones can be picked up even at Goodwill for this purpose. In a past post, I even repurposed a picnic basket that would work well for this!Here are my favorite photos of this decorating trend in action. Is this something you would try in your own home?

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** The original source is unknown for many of these photos because I will not link them back to tumblr pages or websites and blogs that don't list the original source. If you know where one of these photos originated, please let me know so that the link can be updated. I'd love to make sure that the owner gets the credit he or she deserves! **

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Baskets for Bathroom
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