Discount Reclaimed wood furniture

2015-discount-reclaimed-wood-001-1x5-split-decking-red-paint-001Discount reclaimed wood now available. Below are the latest discount reclaimed wood units offered to you at substantial savings.

Check back often to see new listings. Click a photo for a bigger view.

#1: 1x6 Split Decking (net ¾ in x 5 in cover) 9 ft 6 in average length. Has light red paint, doug fir. 275 sq ft. $687.50

#2: 1x9 Cover redwood shiplap with a reveal. 700 sq ft nice red to brown with gray mix. $3, 850

#3: 1x12 by 6 ft 6 inch average. 338 sq ft. Nice brown old patina doug fir. 5

2015-discount-reclaimed-wood-004-1x8-to-1x12-Barnwood-001 #4: 1x8 to 1x12 x 10 ft average. 240 sq ft old barn wood mixed patina with some paint. 0

#5: 1x4 ¾ in 125 sq ft shorts mixed in T&G Cedar. $400

#6: 1x5 ¼ in cover x 11 ft average 650 sq ft, T&G old barn wood with some red paint. $2, 500

#7: ¼ in x 4 ½ in to 5 ¼ in skins 800 sq ft. $600

#8: 2x6 to 2x8 gray boards. $2.25 per board foot or by the unit $1.75 per board ft. For exterior use only.

#9: 1x12 x 16 ft average. Mix white, blue, and gray paint from Alameda Naval Base. 1, 200 sq ft. $3, 000

#10: 2x6 x 15 ft average. 119 pieces white painted material. Can be sold as is for $2.25 per lineal foot or split into 1x for $3.00 a square foot

#11: 1x10 in to 12 in x 11 ft average. Brown and gray with some green paint. 310 sq ft. $850

#12: 1x6 x 12 ft average. 20 pieces old patina brown. 100 sq ft. $200

#13: 1x3 in to 6 in mixed barnwood and T&G wood. Some with nails. 270 sq ft. $540

#14: 1x6 to 12 in x 14 ft average. 390 sq ft mixed. As is. Painted and white washed material. $800

#15: 1x6x 8 ft average. 250 sq ft as is old patina brown. $500

#16: 1x10 x 5 ft 100 sq ft rough sawn brown. $300

#17: 1x12 x 7 ft 6 in 165 sq ft rough sawn brown. $375

#18: 1x5 x 7 ft 6 in Boeing split decking 125 sq ft. $400

2015-discount-reclaimed-wood-005-1x-tongue-and-groove-cedar-001 2015-discount-reclaimed-wood-007-quarter-inch-to-4.5-to-5.25-inch-skins 2015-discount-reclaimed-wood-011-1x10-and-12-with-some-paint-001 2015-discount-reclaimed-wood-012-1x6-old-patina

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