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Assembling the Frame of the Media Unit.You'll need:

  • A top and bottom piece
  • 2 side pieces
  • 1 back piece
  • 1 divider
  • 5 trim pieces to cover the front edges of the unit
  • 6 trim pieces to frame the sides of the unit

Making the top, bottom, sides and divider from 3/4-inch plywood will help create a sturdy frame. For the back, you can use 1/4-inch plywood. You can cut down 1/4-inch plywood or pine boards for the trim.

The overall dimensions for the piece Monica built are:

  • Box width: 60 inches
  • Box depth: 24 inches
  • Box height: 24 inches (The legs add about 6 inches to the height, making the finished unit approximately 30 inches high.)

Keep these things in mind as you cut the pieces and assemble the media unit:

  • Use a circular saw blade with 60 or more teeth. More teeth mean a cleaner cut.
  • Use wood glue and a pneumatic nailer to assemble the frame. Allow the glue time to cure.
  • This project uses butt joints at the top, sides, bottom and back of the media unit. We nailed through the faces of the top, bottom and back into the edges of the side pieces.
  • You may want to enlist an assistant to help align the pieces as you fasten them together. You'll also need a helper to maneuver the media unit during assembly and finishing.

When determining the divider placement and size of each section, consider the desired drawer size and the clearance required for the slides. Also factor in the size of your media hardware as well as any manufacturer-specified clearances. You'll add trim to the front edges of the unit, including the front of the divider, so remember to account for the trim width when placing the divider. Monica used the following measurements for the two sections:

  • Drawer opening width: 22 inches
  • Drawer opening height: 21-1/2 inches
  • Cabinet opening width: 33-1/4 inches
  • Cabinet opening height: 21-1/2 inches
  • Consider cable length, cable layout and the location of power outlets when placing the hole.
  • You may want to drill more than one hole, depending on cable layout, thickness and length.
  • Note that electronic equipment generates heat. If necessary, bore additional holes for ventilation.

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